02 marzo 2009

La Royal Society "libera" (transitoriamente) sus publicaciones

A quien le pueda interesar tener acceso a ciertos artículos:

Royal Society content has moved to HighWire - and, to celebrate, all articles are now FREE for six weeks
Royal Society Publishing is pleased to announce that, as from 18 February 2009, our online journal content will be hosted on the new HighWire H2O platform, where all articles - from 1665 to present - will be completely FREE to access until 31 March 2009.
Find out more about the HighWire H2O platform and take advantage of FREE access to more than 60,000 articles by visiting our new site.
And if you enjoy the six-week free access period, please consider signing up for regular Table Of Contents alerts to the Royal Society journal(s) of your choice.

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